The Dealfinder



I’m really lucky that I not only have the best in-laws, but that they also live near what I think this the most amazing T.J. Maxx around.  And trust me, I’ve scoured the racks of a lot of T.J. Maxx stores.  The one near their home in New Jersey is worth a pilgrimage with it’s wall (like really, an entire wall) of designer shoes, a case of purses (even still-in-stores Fendi totes!), and a huge Runway section.  I don’t know why I’m telling you all this since I don’t really want to share my mecca of designer deals.  I guess I’m feeling extra generous lately.  But for those of you who can’t dedicate a weekend or a small vacation to visiting my store, you’ll be absolutely thrilled to find out that T.J. Maxx is back in the online retail game!  I don’t know if this is the best or worst thing to happen to me (I’m thinking best for me, worst for my monthly shopping budget).  Here are a few of my favorites available now.

1: Diane Von Furstenburg / 2: Elizabeth & James / 3: Gryphon / 4: Joie / 5: Diane Von Furstenberg / 6: Isaac Mizrahi / 7: Diane Von Furstenberg / 8: Mark and James by Badgley Mischka / 9: Tahari by ASL / 10: Dolce Vita

 Please note: This post was not sponsored by T.J. Maxx.  But hey, T.J. Maxx PR people, I’m here.  Call me! :)


Style Crush / Reliving My Youth: Mad for Plaid

Mad for Plaid

I read with excitement that Ben Stiller is producing a TV series based on the movie Reality Bites.  This is one of my favorite movies.  I even had Winona Ryder’s haircut at the time.  I tied a plaid flannel around my waist and rocked Mary Jane Doc Martins while I listened to Lisa Loeb croon “Stay” and related it to [insert love interest at the time].

Needless to say, I’m a child of the 90s and proud of it.  I guess that’s why I’m both excited and hesitant about the 90s grunge trend coming back.  I’m thrilled to relive my youth but not yet ready to let today’s youngsters partake in what I know to be something so significant to my generation.  That said, the fashions do get me giddy so I had to round up some of my favorite plaids in honor of my youth.  I tried to take a more sophisticated and playful take on the trend.  But don’t be surprised if you see me rocking a pair of Mary Jane Doc Martins sometime soon.

1. H&M / 2. Joie / 3. Mango / 4. Mango / 5. H&M / 6.Forever 21  / 7. Alice & Olivia / 8. Shoshanna / 9. Marc by Marc Jacobs  / 10.  Forever 21

Style Crush: Ankle Strap Heels

Ankle Strap


If you read fashion magazines and blogs (and you’re reading this, so you must, right?) then you have undoubtedly seen pictures of stunning, slender ladies posing in stilettos with a sexy ankle strap and thought “how do they wear those all day?!”  The answer, they probably don’t!  At least not the sky-high sandals you see them “strutting” around in those pictures.  And if you are like me, you gawk with envy at every beautiful image.

I didn’t think it was possible to wear this trend and swore it off until I happened upon a perfectly – gasp – flattering pair of Coach sandals at T.J. Maxx.  I never thought with my “athletic” calves I could ever pull off the trend and look sexy, but with the right style, positioning of the strap, and a walkable heel height, I realized it is completely possible!  Since the pair I bought are from last season (sorry!), I decided to scour the web for some great options for you.  I chose a variety of heel heights and color combos and went with looks that would go further into fall.  Good news, kitten heels and lower heel heights are in!  There are so many here I want, I don’t know which ones to pick for myself.  Which ones would you buy?  Tell me in the comments!

Pear Shaped Pointer: If you have generous calves like me, or just short legs, wearing a dark ankle strap will likely cut off the line of your leg and make you calf look bigger or make your legs look shorter.  Opt for a nude or lighter shade for the ankle strap.  I love the Classique Entier, Michael Michael Kors and Steve Madden versions below.  If you are opting for a very pointy toe, try going up a half size to accommodate for your toes.  I always do and then add in a Foot Petal to get the fit right.

Basic:  Steve Madden / Nine West / Michael Michael Kors

Animal: Classiques Entier @ Nordstrom / Sam Edelman / Loft

Bold: Sole Society / J.Crew / Calvin Klein

Sandals: Joie / Coach / Louise et Cie @ Nordstrom