New Year’s Resolutions


Happy New Year!  If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been radio silent throughout this holiday season.  I wanted to pay special attention to my family and friends, especially my husband and son, while we celebrated the holidays together.  I also took care to really evaluate my life and particularly how to be happier and healthier in 2014.  I don’t often play into the New Year’s resolutions gimmick since I firmly believe you should spend all year evaluating and reevaluating your life to make improvements, not just at the beginning of the year.  But this year I recognized the opportunity to make a fresh start.  Instead of making a broad list of things to do, I decided to put actionable items in here that I can strive to achieve in tangible ways.  Here’s what I came up with.

1. Focus on the good stuff

ACTION ITEM: Everyday I will write down one thing that was GREAT about the day, from little moments of laughter with my son to big wins at work – whatever it is will help to focus on the good stuff in life and be less negative.

2. Pay more attention to my marriage

ACTION ITEM: Every night my husband and I will put down our phones and iPads, turn away from the TV and actually talk to each other.  We’ll work on cuddling more and monitoring our email less.  We’ll make time for date nights and nights away.  We’ll focus on making each other laugh and not driving each other crazy.

3. Pay more attention to myself

ACTION ITEM: I’ll spend less time on devices and more time on bettering myself.  I’ll work out at least 4 times a week (even if that means an extra lap around the building before I go into work).  I’ll read books and not just play Candy Crush on my way to work.  I’ll spend more time changing my perspective to see things the way others see them and be less judgmental.

4. Pay more attention to my son

ACTION ITEM: Devices will go down and crayons will come up!  Balls will be tossed around.  Cars will be zoomed across the floor.  Tickles attacks will be unleashed.  I’ll spend more time focused on him and less time diverted by other priorities.

5. Pay more attention to my family

ACTION ITEM: Call my sisters, mom and dad more often.  Visit my in-laws more often.  Have conversations and not just text message exchanges.  Know what’s going on in each others lives.  Make sure they all know I love them.

6. Get in shape

ACTION ITEM: Work out more often.  Take the long way to work.  Make healthy meals.  Don’t drink during the week (unless it’s a special occasion).  Try juicing (a Vitamix is on my wish list).  Fit into my skinny jeans again.

7. Save more money

ACTION ITEM: Shop less.  Make better use of what I have.  Clip coupons and scour for deals.  Wait for the sale-on sale-on sale again to buy things I simply want.  Make my husband proud of my financial decisions.

All this means one thing – I’m going to be blogging less.  This blog is my passion project and something I love dearly.  But, it’s incredibly time consuming.  Before and after work I’m spending upwards of 4 hours working on this blog and that’s time I need to be spending on all of the above.  Don’t fret, I’m still going to post since I do love sharing my outfit ideas, my abandoned shopping carts and the challenge of putting my wardrobe to good use.  And with the above goal of saving more money, the challenge is going to be even greater!  I hope you’ll still stop by to check out what I post.  And don’t forget to subscribe to email updates so you know when I’m adding new content!  I promise, no SPAM from me.  Just blog post updates.

Share your resolutions with me here.  Is there anything I’m missing?